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A multi-specialty practice that implements a holistic approach to your health and wellness through our evidence-based and result-driven treatments.

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Our team takes great care in creating personalized treatment plans for our patients, giving you the chance to return to your regular, daily activities while ensuring the best possible results. We work with you to accommodate your needs, establish realistic goals & track your progress. Our clinicians take the time to understand your everyday routine & ensure the most effective recovery.

At Dacona Medical Center, we are committed to implementing a holistic approach to wellness using evidence-based and result-driven treatments. Looking at optimal health and wellness through a multi-faceted approach is the best way to support and empower the whole person. Our team of highly-experienced clinicians will give you the guidance and support you need to achieve your personal health and wellness goals.


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At Dacona Medical Center, we are a team of compassionate health care professionals with a focus on providing safe, quality care in a comfortable setting. With a bilingual staff, we have the opportunity to connect with non-English speaking patients in a meaningful way & give you the assistance you need to make the most educated, informed decisions about your health. Our after-hours hotline is always open and you can expect a reply from us within 24 hours.

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