We're dedicated to the well-being of our patients, striving to offer top-notch assistance every step of the way. We recognize the uncertainty that often accompanies first-time physical therapy patients, and we stand ready to address any queries you might have. The intake documents are straightforward, but explore further below to grasp the procedure of your initial visit.

Getting Started

For those unfamiliar with our Center, the thought of a first visit may bring a touch of nervousness. Rest assured, our mission is to create an environment of ease and comfort. Upon arrival, our friendly front desk team will assist with insurance queries, billing details, scheduling, and more.

New Patient Forms

After confirming your appointment, Phreesia will send you a link to fill out the necessary intake forms.

Do I Need A Physician’s Referral Before Starting The Therapy?

While a doctor's referral might aid with insurance claims, if you're opting for a self-pay route, a referral isn't mandatory. Feel free to approach us directly to set an appointment.

What Time Should I Arrive For My Scheduled Appointment?

To ensure a smooth process, we suggest arriving 15-20 minutes prior to your scheduled time, catering to any additional documentation that might be needed.


What To Expect?

What lies ahead? Your debut session, spanning roughly an hour, encompasses a meticulous initial assessment followed by a treatment roadmap curated by our adept, licensed physical therapists. They'll pore over your medical background, familiar environments, activity metrics, and touch upon any recent physical adversities or related factors influencing your present state. Expect a comprehensive dialogue to hone in on the specifics of your situation, enabling them to discern if physical therapy is a match and cherry-pick effective interventions.

Subsequently, diagnostic evaluations might be proposed. The therapist will thoroughly inspect the nuances of your situation, focusing on injury assessment. An all-encompassing evaluation of your musculoskeletal framework will be undertaken, gauging aspects like flexibility and strength. Post-assessment, a tailored regimen will be structured, mirroring your unique requirements, therapeutic aspirations, and daily routines. Any curiosities about the therapy process? We invite open dialogue.

How Often Will I Need to Attend?

The rhythm of your visits is shaped by insights gleaned from your initial evaluation and hinges on the nature of your diagnosis. While every therapeutic journey is distinct, the core objectives remain consistent:

  • Augmenting mobility
  • Enhancing functional capacity
  • Pain alleviation

Sessions usually span between 30-60 minutes. Post your maiden visit, the therapist will confer with you to draft a personalized frequency and duration strategy, contingent on your condition's intensity. Regular attendance is pivotal - our ultimate aim is to catalyze your swift recovery, ensuring every goal is met.

What Am I Supposed To Bring Along?

There are some documents that you must remember to bring at the time of your visit. We have prepared a checklist for you.

  • Your referral or prescription (if any)
  • Insurance card
  • Valid photo ID (school ID card, driver’s license, passport, national Id card)
  • Required paperwork

What Should I Wear?

Physical therapy often involve intense exercises. Therefore, please dress appropriately and wear comfortable clothes to your appointment. Proper attire includes:

  • Athletic wear

  • Loose t-shirts

  • Athletic shorts

  • Proper undergarments (sports bras, etc)

  • Sweatpants

  • Supportive athletic sneakers/tennis shoes are preferred

  • Please do not wear any form of jewelry during your scheduled therapy session.

Will My Insurance Cover The Cost of Physical Therapy?

Different insurance companies have varying policies, and it is possible that your medical insurance plan may not cover physical therapy services. If you are unsure about your coverage, contact us anytime to check if your insurance plan is accepted. Our staff are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have and will be happy to help!

What If My Insurance Does Not Cover Physical Therapy?

If your insurance plan does not cover physical therapy, you can still see one of our physical therapists, but you will be required to pay out-of-pocket. Please contact our office to inquire about payment options and/or any discounts.

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