Alcohol Testing Services in Florida: Comprehensive, Accurate & Reliable

At Dacona Medical Center, we take pride in providing dependable alcohol-testing solutions tailored for both individuals and businesses. Our range of services accommodates varying needs, whether for pre-employment checks, workplace programs, or legal obligations for drivers with alcohol-related convictions. Let our skilled professionals guide you to the ideal testing procedure for your unique situation.

What Is Alcohol Testing?

Alcohol tests ascertain the presence of ethanol or its metabolites in a person's system. These tests are crucial to determine current intoxication levels or any past alcohol consumption. The detection can happen through analyzing urine, blood, or breath samples, catering to diverse needs, including legal or medical.

Our Expertise in Alcohol Testing


Breath Alcohol Tests (BATs)

Breath Alcohol Tests (BATs): Popularly recognized as breathalyzers, BATs identify alcohol currently in your bloodstream. This test is optimal if alcohol consumption occurred within the preceding 24 hours. Widely utilized by law enforcement for suspected DUIs, BATs stand out for their non-invasiveness and instant results. They offer speedy BAC readings, saving time compared to blood tests that can take hours due to lab processing.

Other Common Alcohol Tests (Services We Don't Provide)


Urine Alcohol Tests

These tests trace metabolized alcohol byproducts, revealing recent alcohol intake. While they can detect alcohol even if the individual isn't presently intoxicated, they have a detection range of 12 to 48 hours. The more advanced ethyl glucuronide (EtG) test extends the detection period up to three days, becoming a top choice for job screenings or legal cases.


Blood Alcohol Screens (PEth Test)

Primarily employed to detect persistent alcohol consumption or sporadic heavy drinking, this test is frequent among rehabilitation initiatives. Police may also resort to it in DUI cases. Its reliability is noteworthy, with no interference from medications.


Hair Follicle Testing

Boasting the broadest detection window, this test can identify consistent alcohol consumption or binge episodes over the past 90 days. Though less prevalent than the others, they hold significance in court cases and rehab programs, reflecting a more extended alcohol usage span.

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