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An Annual & Wellness Exam is one of the most important parts of preventative care for individuals of all ages. These yearly assessments help you to stay current on all your health care needs and evaluate your overall wellness. These screenings can detect underlying health conditions and diseases & help you to catch them early.

Annual & Wellness Exams Tampa Locals Trust

Annual and Wellness exams

Why else are Annual & Wellness exams so important? These visits allow you and your doctor to discuss the following:

- Your health history

- Any existing health problems

- Issues that may be a concern in the future (based on personal and family health history, age, and other factors)

- Your current medications

- Your immunization history (Pneumonia vaccine, Flu vaccine, etc)

During these visits to your primary care provider, the following assessments are often included: physical exam, blood work, lung health check, immunizations, checking vitals (heart rate & blood pressure), heart-related screenings and more.

What To Expect Before & At Your Annual & Wellness Exam Visit

  1. Here Is What You Should Know Before You Visit A Licensed Center:
    • In the case that Insurance is not accepted, payment is due upon arrival
    • Please arrive with any questions/concerns you may have to discuss with your doctor
    • Please write down your family health history
    • Please write down all current medications you are taking
  2. What You Can Expect At Your Visit:
    • Physical exam
    • Blood work
    • Lung health check
    • Immunizations
    • Checking vitals (heart rate & blood pressure)
    • Heart-related screenings and more.

We encourage Annual & Wellness C

We encourage all our patients to have annual wellness visits with a primary care provider. These visits allow you to be proactive with your health and give you the chance to discuss with your doctor ways to stay healthy. By becoming an established patient in our medical practice, you can rest assured you are coming to a center where our providers know your medical history, monitor your health on an ongoing basis, and are here for you in times of immediate need.

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