Sports Physicals

Also known as PPE, or Pre-participation Physical Examination, the overall goal of these exams is to help maintain the health and safety of athletes. These examinations promote safe participation in sports for youths. Children who are interested in participating in sports are required to be evaluated by following regulations set out by schools or organizations.

PPE helps ensure that the athletes are in good physical health and promote safe participation for the activity they have chosen - such as soccer, football, track, basketball or baseball.

Benefits Of Sports Physicals


As mentioned earlier, sports physicals help to ensure that an athlete is safe when playing and assess their fitness level for specific sports. The Pre-participation Physical Examination has several goals in mind and is aimed at protecting your children and their teammates from any avoidable illnesses and possible life-threatening situations. Here are some of the additional benefits:

  • Evaluates the general health of the participant and also address any health concerns they are found
  • Review the child’s history and immunization record in the process of performing a routine exam.
  • Detects any conditions that may predispose an athlete to injury
  • Detects any conditions that might be disabling
  • Evaluate medical history to cover all medical conditions that appear in the family, such as asthma and diabetes.

What Are The Components of the PPE?

Typically, the PPE process includes the following components:

  • A review of the athlete’s family history.
  • Dietary details, including prescriptions/medications.
  • In-depth physical exam of the nose, ears, lungs, heart, abdomen, and throat.
  • A vision check.
  • A check of oxygen saturation, blood pressure, rhythm, and heart rate.
  • Weight and height measurement.
  • Evaluation of the joints, strength, and posture.
  • A urine test can indicate any underlying medical conditions.

Parents will be instructed to complete a form before the initial visit. For kids with a history of cardiac or heart conditions, their primary physician should provide a statement that evaluates this condition and provide additional information showing that it will not prevent them from participating.

Additional Info

Your primary physician should also provide a list of all up-to-date vaccinations with proper immunization forms and any recommended ones (if needed). Please note, a sports physical is not intended to replace a wellness exam.

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