Handling Workers’ Compensation And Finding A Good Doctor

You might not expect to be that person that experiences an injury at work, especially if you don’t work in a particularly physically strenuous job. But workplace injuries are more common than most people realize. They certainly are situations you do not look forward to dealing with.

Despite all of your efforts to remain safe in the workplace, there’s always a chance you may still become injured. If you do find yourself as the recipient of a workplace injury, don’t panic. Make sure you follow the proper protocol for dealing with the injury and immediately seek treatment as is appropriate. You may have to stop work entirely to assess the situation.

An effective workers’ compensation program goes a long way in alleviating the financial fallout of the situation. Physical therapy is a common form of medical treatment for musculoskeletal pain and injuries, and this treatment is usually covered by workman's comp.

Workman’s Comp Clinics

Workers Compensation

We understand how important high-quality medical management is to an injured worker’s treatment and progress. It is essential to build a good relationship with a dedicated workman’s comp clinic.

This lays the groundwork for teamwork between you, the physician and your insurer to bring injured employees back to full health and productivity. In addition, you can avoid a relationship where the injured employee feels stuck in the middle.


Building a relationship with a local physician begins with making a phone call and requesting an initial visit. It is crucial to look for a clinic with staff and doctors that have a caring attitude and are willing to spend extra time to put together a program that will work for you. The medical findings and opinions of your treating physician are often the most critical elements in proving one's workers' comp claim. Worker's comp doctors have experience and the equipment necessary in the treatment of workplace injuries.

They specialize in diagnosing and treating a range of medical injuries. Many workplace injuries include pulled muscles, overexertion, stress fractures, torn ligaments, fractured bones and more. Such injuries require the attention of qualified workman’s comp orthopedic doctors.

Workers Comp Urgent Care

Our doctors focus on prevention and return-to-work, integrating treatment to align seamlessly with employers’ return-to-work plans and emphasize the performance of essential job demands. In addition to this, we include the patient in the recovery plan design - the best way to motivate patients is to get them involved. Our certified doctors and medical professionals understand the necessary treatment needed to get you well and to treat patient's with the care and understanding they deserve.

All of the following benefits - filing and tracking paperwork and claims, open communication between an employee and doctor, enabling a faster return to work, and having a proper procedure in place can help you save money.

At Dacona Medical Center, our team is composed of experts in the field of Workers’ Compensation treatment who take pride in what they do and main focus is prompt employee recovery with the best possible results. When you are in need medical help for a work-related injury, then give us a call. Let us work with you and provide you with quality care you deserve.

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